It Was A Good Day

Sometimes it’s good to stop for a minute. Or for four hours.

Today I was supposed to go to the library and gym. Instead, I ended up walking around and having a spontaneous picnic with my friend. Having enough fresh air, talking about things that really matter (and some that don’t), and just enjoying the view was so therapeutic.

The talk about mind body and soul isn't just a mantra to sell yoga retreats to Bali. To me, wellbeing is the right balance of good food, enough physical activities and doing things I like, such as my job(s), hobbies, and studying.


My history with sports goes a long way. Our family has always been active. And I've always been very competitive.

That's a combo that has made me do skiing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, Finnish baseball, swimming, basketball, you name it. To me, it has always been an advantage to have such an extensive background in sports.

Studying and working has definitely changed the way I practice and distribute my time with sports. Not only does exercising release the stress I'm experiencing, but it also makes me feel more energized and confident.

Maybe next week I come up with a new workout plan that will fit my schedule and bring some variety to my gym/running routine that I currently have.

The four hours on this dock, although didn’t contribute to my physical health, improved my mental health.

Would you like to hear more about my methods in training or anything sports related?

Top  Puma x Kenza  / Pants Puma / Shoes Nike

Top Puma x Kenza / Pants Puma / Shoes Nike