Overthinking Kills Creativity

I’ve already said it on my About page: I’m a perfectionist.

When I want to write about something, I usually head over to Google Scholar or my university’s database and search related articles, journals, books, you name it. Even if I only want to write about my personal opinions, I sometimes don’t feel like they’re valid unless I find academic literature to back it up.

This happened again when I tried to structure one blog post, which was based on solely in my own experiences and point of view.

It also happened when I tried to tweak some Google Ads and wanted to know what the Internet community thought about different targeting methods. I ended up closing my computer half an hour later.


These are just a couple examples of really practical matters how my perfectionism has intervened my creative process. And somehow I feel like this has been gotten worse lately.

The Internet is so full of facts and facts that it’s easy to get caught up to something that you think is right (according to your reliable Wikipedia sources).


But the thing is, nothing groundbreaking ever happens if you just keep on going through the same paths someone else has already paved. One of my fundamental issues is the need to get things just right. Even if it meant breaking every deadline and causing myself anxiety. We all know that isn't the way to do things and it doesn't bring the best out of us.

To be honest, this post didn't contain any groundbreaking news, but I hope it was a good reminder to all you creative souls who sometimes feel insecure about their work.

Sometimes it's ok to let it go. Let your work to see the daylight as it is, maybe a bit unfinished and raw. It makes it more human.

Your opinion and work matters. And not only to you, but I bet my life that someone out of these 7.7. billion people in the world thinks that the thing you do is absolutely amazing. And so are you.

And wow, not a single reference was used.