My Lisbon recommendations

My Lisbon recommendations

Somehow I have always thought (mistakenly) that the mainland of Portugal was similar to Spain.
I know I'm not the only one!
This post is not about Spain or my prejudices of Lisbon and Portugal, but a short declaration of love to the amazing city of Lisbon.


When our driver picked us up from the airport, I literally had no clue where we were going. I had googled almost nothing and hadn’t planned anything else than a trip to the magical Sintra. I was amazed by the narrow alleys, the old trams that were exactly like in every picture I’ve seen from Lisbon, and by the hills that the city was built on.

We only went to a couple of tourist attractions while we there, among those were Torre de Bélem and Castelo De Sao Jorge. For those who love history, or are just attracted to castles, these are must-sees! The trip’s highlight for sure (if you ask me) was Sintra, which is located on the Portuguese Riviera and is known for its beautiful castles. I bet everyone who has visited agrees with me that the whole time you’re there you just think to yourself: “Is this place even real?”. I was super excited to photograph all the beautiful things there but once we arrived, it was all foggy. Like literally, the visibility was around five meters. Even though the pictures didn’t turn out quite as I imagined them to, I must say we were really fortunate to visit there when the fog was gently embracing the mountains of Sintra. It made the whole experience just that much more magical. Walking through an enchanted forest? Check.


The palace we decided to visit was the famous Pena palace. I have visited all sorts of castles in my travels, but this is probably the most memorable one. Straight out of a fairytale with all the different colors and styles. One of a kind experience.

Now that I look back at all the pictures from the trip, I must say we saw quite a lot during a few days. This would’ve not been possible without Uber, which by the way was the most convenient way to get around if the distance was even a bit longer.

So what was good in Lisbon, besides all that I’ve mentioned above?
You had it coming…
Food and wine. I mean, wherever we ate, the food was beyond this world. I usually skip the seafood in every menu everywhere, but I had heard so much good about the seafood in Lisbon that I ended up eating it more than once. And how perfectly made and fresh it was.


I’ve never really talked about my traveling habits or preferences, and I’m curious if you would like to hear more about something. Have you been to Lisbon, how was your experience? Send me a message or comment on the post, I’d love to hear your thoughts!