Took Some Time Off

Finally, the days are getting longer here in Helsinki. The past couple of months have been quite stressful, which is why I decided to take some time off from the blog and Instagram and focus on myself.


I’ve been working out a lot, studying, and working (up until January). Now that I have my plans for the spring finalized, I feel so relieved. My study plan turned out great and I’ve started working on the thesis. This also means that I will hopefully have more time to write my blog, at least compared to November and December.

I can’t wait this spring to be over, although I’ve decided to enjoy it to the fullest. I’ve been working super hard the past few years and am so proud of myself for finally getting a degree. My plan is to graduate in June and then reward myself with a vacation somewhere warm. If you have any recommendations for a destination (or two) in June, please please please let me know!


Meanwhile, I’m posting these Purobeach Marbella poolside pictures from last year, hoping to accomplish the same state of euphoria (maybe it was the rosé) in June.

So…What should my next destination be?