Staycation in Helsinki

I spent the week in Jönköping and when I got back to Helsinki on Friday, I was excited. Never Ending Superweekend is an institution, an icon that we invented with my girlfriends years ago to name the weekends that are dedicated to girl-time. During Superweekends, we’ve traveled and done things that still makes all of us laugh uncontrollably. This time we decided to have a staycation in Helsinki and just enjoy the company of each other.


Radisson Blu Seaside was unfamiliar to me before, but the amazing king-size beds turned out to be not only super comfy but also great for dance battles. After our Wolt order and way too many glasses of wine, we danced the night away, literally.


This kind of extempore staycation was something we all needed. Even though we had late check-out and were all a bit hungover, we were so happy to have spent the weekend together here in Helsinki.

And the best part? It didn’t take us long to get home.