Staycation in Helsinki vol. 2

Staycation in Helsinki vol. 2

Entering the glass doors and being greeted by the friendliest hotel staff was just the beginning for a memorable weekend. With all the art, the attention to details, and the luxurious feel of the hotel, we felt like we had just found a new dimension of Helsinki. The decoration, the drinks at Wintergarden, and the whole experience you get when staying at St. George is an experience you need in your life.

This might seem like a repetitive post from a while back, but to be honest, the content of my life has been all about my thesis for the past three months. So whenever something worthwhile happens and I actually manage to get myself dressed in something else than my training gear or sweats, it’s worth blogging about.


My best friend Mirva just had her birthday, and we wanted to make it special. This spring has been a total overkill for all of us, which encouraged us to take the weekend off and spend the weekend in hotel St. George here in Helsinki.

And honestly. Wow. Not only was this one of the best weekends in a while, but also the hotel really exceeded at least my expectations.


The spa offered us a relaxing start to the weekend with its saunas and pools. After drinking champagne and getting ready in our robes, it was time to experience the Wintergarden bar and its zero waste drinks, followed by late dinner at Gaijin.


The next morning, after way too many drinks and way too little sleep, we decided to get the late checkout and enjoy the park view on the window sills and eat the rest of the Ladurée macarons.

Sounds like a dream weekend, and that’s what it was to us.