Keeping Myself Occupied

Downshifting has been a trend for years, and only now I'm starting to understand what it’s all about. There simply doesn’t exist a common definition for it, everyone has to look for the meaning of it themselves.


In January I realized that if I ever wanted to survive this spring alive, I have to cut things off and focus on a couple of things instead of multitasking.

My creativity has always decreased whenever I’ve been having too much going on in my life. Since creativity is such a huge part of me and at that point, I already knew I was going to need every single bit of my it to get through the thesis writing process, I decided to resign from my day job. The amount of time and energy I had in January didn’t match my needs, and thinking back the decision, I realize that it was the only reasonable thing for me to do.

So, what occupies me now?

I still have two additional courses left, I’m still trying to be active with our business, LUV NORTH, and I’m taking care of my daily routines may be better than ever. Exercising 5-6 times a week (excluding the weeks when I'm traveling) has quickly become a thing that I really don’t need to push myself into, and eating healthy (with occasional wine) keeps my mind and body running through long days. The healthy balance between working on my thesis and school projects, my hobbies, doing sports, meeting my friends, and making sure I get enough sleep each night is really the key for me.

Knowing that I will graduate soon gives me that extra energy to push myself forward. This whole life of a student has been everything but easy for me, and I can’t wait to reach my next milestone in June.