Do Me a Favor, Please

I started to write about personal branding but ended up writing about self-improvement and manners. Priorities, I guess. 

Relationships are built upon mutual respect. To some, that respect is easy to attain but for others, respect is something you have to earn. We're different like that and that’s fine. 


But what I’m personally most passionate about are favors. Every one of us have been in a situation when you needed a favor or someone asked you for one. Sometimes you're reluctant to do the favor and sometimes you're happy to help. Nevertheless, you should always feel free to choose whether you do it or not. 

And NEVER ask anything for return.  


At least that's how I'm raised. There's nothing wrong asking someone to return a favor, but to me personally, that's just something I try to avoid at all cost. There’s nothing worse than feeling the pressure to return a favor, to me that is most often a turn off in a person. This doesn't mean that I ask around favors and give nothing back, of course not. I like to do favors for people I respect and care deeply about, and it’s only to show them my affection, not to fawn on someone.

Photos by    Mirva    , edited by me.

Photos by Mirva , edited by me.

To me, the way you treat others speaks a lot more about your character than your public picture, your Instagram feed, who are on your contacts list or what car you drive. And I think that's the way it should be. 

So if I ever do a favor for you, you should know that I’m not expecting anything in return.