Remain a Classic

Remain a Classic

You know the quote “in a world full of trends, remain a classic”?


I’ve always considered myself a lover of classics. Whether it be clothes, handbags, movies, drinks or whatever. However, I’ve noticed my habits changing and longing for excitement and surprises. To me, classics are something that you just simply don’t get tired of and something that will remain both their value and quality. You know what you get whenever you choose a classic.


This outfit is an ode for the classics. The camel coat reinvented, denim, cream knit, white sneakers, pearls. The kind of pieces you know will work together or separately no matter what, making you feel put together even though you’re still recovering from the flu that you caught from the airplane.

Photos by  Pauliina Karhu

Photos by Pauliina Karhu

Even though I love classics, I get extremely excited thinking about all the trendy pieces that I have for the upcoming spring and summer.

Maybe next time I’ll take the exciting pieces out for a spin.

Are you a firm believer of classics, or does your heart long for trends?