Summer Attire

I haven’t owned a single white dress, until this spring. I’ve always been a messy person with my food, so owning white pieces of clothing has been rare, to say the least. But as per usual, my hunger for these wardrobe staples grew too much and I had to start hoarding them for the summer.

Dress BIK BOK / Bag GIVENCHY / Sunnies TOM FORD / Sneakers NIKE

Dress BIK BOK / Bag GIVENCHY / Sunnies TOM FORD / Sneakers NIKE

And here’s one of them. I’m still afraid of dropping pasta sauce or worse, wine on it. But the fact that it’s so flattering and comfy beats the fear of ruining it. And to be honest, this was a bargain! I liked it so much that I decided to wear it in the Spanish Grand Prix, which actually ended up being a sweat dripping day on the race track. Good choice.

What am I looking for in a white summer dress then?


The right size, the right length, and showing enough skin but not too much.

Needless to say, cotton or linen dresses are probably most comfortable during summer.

This dress is more of a traditional crochet dress, which works well not only with my ordinary city look with sneakers, leather jacket, and a handbag but also with sandals and beach bags. The more versatile the better.


What are your summer wardrobe staples?