Always Traveling Somewhere

”It seems like you’re always traveling to somewhere exciting.”

Yes and no.


I've been getting that comment lately from people I know. Although I might be traveling more often than someone else, in reality I’ve been living an extremely scheduled life for years. However, when you look at my Instagram, it can seem like I’m always doing something exciting.


The Instagram facade isn’t something people have just discovered. It has been building itself up for years, and as I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, it’s a thing we should all recognize.

When I look at my own Instagram, I see the latest travel photos from Costa del Sol, Barcelona, some photos from Helsinki, all pretty and organized with witty (and not so witty) captions.

What my Instagram doesn’t show you are the amount of tears I’ve cried, the huge weight on my shoulders that has pressed me down for not achieving all the things I’ve worked so hard on, the hours that I’ve spent in the gym, even more, hours spent in the library, or the private moments where I’ve truly been the most vulnerable human being I can possibly be.


It doesn’t show you the joy when I found out I’ve passed all my uni courses, when I looked at the most amazing sunset and felt extreme gratitude towards everything, or when I hugged my best friend and told her how proud I’m for everything she’s done.

Even though my aesthetics isn’t going to change, and I still want to create beautiful content, I thought that giving more of myself here on the blog, and on Instagram is something I’d like to do from now on.

Photos by  Mirva .

Photos by Mirva.

So here’s to me. A fresh graduate from JIBS, happy as hell, living the life that I wasn’t given but that I created myself.

Looking forward to all the travels in life, where the destination isn't as important as the journey. Where reaching goals shouldn't be the only measure of success.

So maybe they were right, I'm always traveling somewhere exciting.