Purobeach Marbella

Between Marbella and Estepona there’s an oasis that invites you to spend the day in the sun, enjoy the pool, good music, and excellent service. Not to mention the otherworldly food and drinks that you can either order straight to your sunbed or eat in the restaurant.


Purobeach has become a yearly tradition to us during midsummer in June. I highly recommend you to email the beach club well in advance to book the sunbeds, as the clubs are often fully booked during the busiest summer season in July and August. Although we always prefer the pool area, those of you who love laying on the beach can also enjoy the Puro experience on the private beach.


If you’re traveling with kids, remember to ask whether or not kids are allowed in the club. Although Purobeach is a kid-friendly place, other clubs have more strict policies what comes to bringing underaged children to the club. That said, Purobeach has a Kids zone for those who are spending the day there with kids.

Compared to some other beach clubs in the area, Purobeach is more chill in every way. Going there doesn't mean you have to dress up, put your highest heels on and be careful not to ruin your makeup. Arrive as you are and enjoy a day without worrying about your appearance.


And finally, my recommendations for a day at Purobeach:

  1. Remember to pack sunscreen with you! The pool and the white decor of Purobeach reflect the UV rays, a tan is guaranteed but so are red shoulders if you aren’t careful!

  2. Wear a swimsuit or a bikini that you feel comfortable in. You’re going to spend the whole day in the sun (or in the shade if you wish), so choose something that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable.

  3. Eat and drink. Chicken quesadillas, organic chicken, sushi, you name it. Everything is so tasty! Don’t forget to order the Puro rosé by the pool, it just makes all the worries go away.

  4. Arrive in time. Take advantage of the wellness services, take a dip in the pool, enjoy the Puro music, good company, and the sun.


Purobeach, see you next year! 🐚

* More info about Purobeach can be found HERE.

Ps. I also spent a day at Ocean Club, should I write about that as well?