Best Of Costa del Sol

My Instagram has been on a vacation for the whole summer, and so have I. 

To keep it brief, here is my top list from my over two week trip to Spain, accompanied by ever so charming iPhone photos. 


Food. Funny story, the first morning I suggested we should have breakfast at Organic Café in Fuengirola. On a Monday. The only day it was closed.
We ended up eating croissants and iced coffee on the beach boulevard. Not as glam as we imagined the start of our holiday to be. A few days later we went back to have the brunch we were all still craving…

The second photo is from Max Beach nearby our first week’s villa, great brunch. Especially the açaí bowl and breakfast tortillas were to die for. And looking at the tables next to ours, it’s quite ok to start day with a drink or ten at 10 o’clock.


Our best food experiences were definitely in old town Marbella and Puerto Banus (Occo, link HERE). Oh yes, and the most gorgeous family-run restaurant in Benahavis (El Cordero). The pizzas and that paella were divine, and the way the staff entertained the children, just adorable. 


Airbnb. For the first week, we rented half of a villa from Airbnb and actually were the only guests on the villa that week. Everything went smoothly and the location in Cala de Mijas was excellent. We preferred a location that was in between Malaga and Marbella, since we knew those were the cities we were most likely to spend a few days in.
BONUS - renting a car is a MUST. Trust me on this, no matter where you are staying, it’s nice to get around! Although, be aware that especially the summer season brings out all kinds of drivers, traffic jams are guaranteed.

Shopping. Well, although I had decided not to shop, I did. Those of you who have already familiar with Miramar in Fuengirola, try La Cañada, they even have Sephora. Otherwise, shop luxury brands from Puerto Banus, or more casually in Malaga. My favorite shop must’ve been Uterqüe, everything is so cool.


Weather. Well, no wonder Nordic people love Spain, it’s almost always sunny (except when we were going to a beach club, but that’s a story for another time). Bikinis all day around. Love. It.
BONUS - Remember to wear that SPF 50, no joke. 

Talking about bikinis, beach clubs are a great way to spend a day in the sun. Check my post HERE for my Purobeach experience. 


Sports. Even though the temperature rises up during the day, you can still enjoy a calming morning or evening walk by the numerous beach boulevards. Swimming is also great, just dip in the pool in the morning to swim a few laps before breakfast. What a way to start the day.


Friends. It’s not a vacation without good company. My girls made the whole experience just THAT much better. And we’re already planning our next trip. Exciting…

Anything else you’d like to know about Costa del Sol? Let me know!