Autumn is coming, are you ready?

Autumn is coming, are you ready?

For the first time in a long time, I feel inspired by the upcoming autumn. I’ve stopped talking about the future and decided to just grab every moment and make the most of it.


Yesterday after my workout I overheard a conversation in the shower. One woman said to another that after two weeks back at work, she’s already done. I rolled my eyes.

It made me think about my past few years and how that started to sound utterly familiar, and at the same time, so sad. What have I done in the past to not get exhausted? What should’ve I done differently to avoid the situations where I’ve been on the verge of a meltdown?

I decided to make a plan to prevent that from happening. I’m not sure if it works, or if I even follow it religiously, but at least I’m trying.
Note to self: perfection is boring, trying is enough and everyone’s allowed to fail.


Making sure my basic needs are satisfied daily is where I start. I’ve been on a good roll with my daily sleeping, eating, and exercising routines, but I feel like I’m missing something. Perhaps it's meditating and reading? Giving my soul some food and time for my thoughts to grow? I’ve always been a terrible reader in my free time, so maybe audiobooks are the way to go. I already have a long list of books I should read but up until now, all I have done is made excuses.

I’ve completely neglected my mental and spiritual sides. I need to change that. Additionally, spending more time with people is something I should definitely pay attention to especially now that it’s getting darker and gloomy. More wine dates and book clubs (can these be combined?), less Netflix this autumn! Actually, I need to start a book and wine club (already texted my friends about this and it’s happening). Anyone interested?

Photos by  Mirva

Photos by Mirva

Lastly, maybe book a trip somewhere warm. Laying by the pool ain’t that bad…

How are you going to tackle this autumn? Any survival tips?