Social Media Exhaustion

I’ve been investigating the world of social media for a while now. Trying to figure out what has happened to all my old social media influencer favorites, and who are all those young new faces I’ve been seeing everywhere lately.


It didn’t take me long to realize that influencers are getting fed up with platforms like Instagram. Although I’m a huge fan of what Instagram originally stands for, I can’t help but think if the platform is driving influencers away by creating new algorithms that no one seems to understand. Stress about content not performing as well as it should, especially ones made in collaboration with different brands, can cause several types of issues.

Looking back, many content creators have moved from blogging to Instagram to YouTube, and that is not even the whole story. Currently, the live content (or content close to being real-time) is king. Followers want to know instantly what their favorite influencers are doing and what they’re wearing. And that is great! However, the constant stress is consuming, causing exhaustion and worse.

The influencers are not the only ones getting influenced by this. When I researched for my thesis in January, I read a lot about depression that especially younger generations are experiencing because they are so drained by social media. Alarming indeed. Looking at pristine content Instagram story after another can make you feel like you’re not enough. Comparing your life to someone else’s social media presence is the absolute worse.


People are seeing only a handful of the content that others are putting out there and usually the most interesting content is favored by the platforms. The images and perceptions about the perfect “Instagram life” aren’t real, they are just collections of snippets of several peoples’ lives creating an illusion that everyone on social media lives a life that you can only imagine.

Many influencers have been fighting against all these issues (and more). No content is worth risking your health or wellbeing, and pursuing the perfect Instagram life just drives everyone further away from their real life.

So take this as a reminder. Your best and only life is happening right here, right now. Focus on that instead of updating your Instagram while you’re with your friends and family. They deserve your undivided attention, not your social media.

What are your thoughts about social media and what do you think about the future of it?