Culinary Trip to Tallinn

I’ve always been a sucker for good food, and spending two nights in Tallinn provided us a chance chance to explore its culinary landscape.

As Tallinn is only a few hours away from Helsinki, it’s relatively fast and easy to travel there for a day. This time though, we decided to spend there two nights and to have a relaxing mini vacay. We stayed in the new spa hotel, Metropol Spa, which turned out to be a success with its calming spa section. I mean, four different saunas, four jacuzzis, and a pool can’t be that bad.


As we arrived in the evening, we only had dinner on the first day. We booked Väike Rataskaevu 16 in advance to avoid disappointment. The restaurant was located near to the original Rataskaevu 16 and had a cozy and intimate decoration. The food was fresh with simple and pure flavors, and the service was sublime. Literally, nothing to complain about. The three-course dinner with wines was a huge success and left us wanting more. Additionally, the service was exceptional and made half the experience with the hand-written notes.


On the second day, we walked to Telliskivi to have lunch at F-Hoone. I’ve had lunch there before so I knew what to expect. Although, maybe having both a starter and a main course was a bit of an overkill. Everything was so delicious that it would’ve been a crime to leave anything behind.


We planned to visit Tallinn’s new Fotografiska museum. Unfortunately, it was closed that day, forcing us to walk back to the Old Town and explore it before it started to rain.

At this point, we’ve already had two exceptional restaurant experiences, so when I entered the restaurant Farm at Müürivahe, I was stunned. Anyone who has ever eaten in that restaurant knows about the stuffed raccoons (cuter than you might think) at the hallway, and how beautifully decorated the dining hall is. Reminded me of the French countryside, go figure…


As it was Monday evening and it was raining, the restaurant wasn’t fully booked, but I wouldn’t want to risk not getting a table there. I highly recommend the local rhubarb sparkling wine, such an interesting pairing. The flavors were familiar but exciting. Cod and rabbit liver mousses for starters took my breath away, as well as my fried pike that looked like a regular healthy fish option but tasted so divine. Traditional Estonian bread soup for a dessert looked like our Finnish mämmi but obviously tasted like a bowl of soup from heaven.


Last but not least, our last lunch before heading back to Helsinki was at Cru. I think I’ve eaten there once before, so I kinda remembered that the restaurant was good. We were wiser with our lunch choices this time, and only ordered main courses (like normal people). Both the mushroom pasta and the Viking stew were, you guessed it, tasty as hell.


Although this post was mainly about the restaurants in Tallinn, just wanted to give a few minutes to the Metropol Spa hotel.
Good night’s sleep guaranteed.


I got excited about these restaurants, were any of them familiar with you? What are your favorite hotels in Tallinn? To me, this trip was a good reminder that it’s ok to travel a distance just for food.


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