Roosa Antinoja
Roosa Antinoja



Smoooth marketing professional

I’m a newly graduated Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Jönköping International Business School, and now living in Helsinki. Understanding economics through my previous studies in Denmark helps in decision making regarding marketing and communication. Besides my interests in digital marketing and PR, I’m an active writer, photographer, and always looking for new interesting marketing phenomena.

Although my studies focused on marketing, my interest in e-commerce is present every day. Being a part-time entrepreneur and running a small design firm with my friend has given me insight into e-payment solutions and also raised my interest in them. This spring I wrote together with my thesis partner our bachelor’s thesis about e-payment acceptance and interviewed young consumers in Sweden about their purchasing behavior and trust in e-payment methods. For the thesis we researched many e-payment providers, Klarna included.

Klarna has an excellent reputation as an e-payment provider in both consumers and merchants’ sides, and as an employee, I hope Klarna has the same values of fairness, integrity, and honesty, as I do. As a coworker, I’m a driven and resourceful person who enjoys working in a team. However, I count myself as an independent worker who enjoys a good workflow. I hope my future colleagues appreciate fruitful discussions and are also ready to listen, those qualities I value in myself as well.

With this letter, I wanted to express my deepest interest to Klarna as an employer and show my engagement to the online community. I hope we can discuss vacant positions in Klarna in the future.

Roosa Antinoja


Phone: +358 40 170 8110


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