Roosa Antinoja
Roosa Antinoja



Driven marketing professional with an edge

Roosa Antinoja
BSc in Business Administration - Marketing Management,
Jönköping International Business School

I’m a newly graduated Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Jönköping International Business School, and now living in Helsinki. Understanding economics through my previous studies in Denmark helps in decision making regarding marketing and communication. Besides my interests in digital marketing and PR, I’m an active writer, photographer, and always looking for new interesting marketing phenomena. 


Sumpli Oy, Marketing Specialist (7/2018-12/2018)

Working for a technology driven start-up taught me the importance of seizing the moment and to look for solutions beyond the obvious. As the team was really tight and small, my responsibilities were scattered around marketing and PR activities. I mainly concentrated on the marketing strategy and daily social media activities as well as PR and copywriting. I was also responsible for Google Ads and Facebook advertising as well as other platform advertising.

Tundraview, Content Creator (1/2017-12/2017)

As a content producer, I was responsible for my clients’ social media strategies and planning, as well as producing and publishing the digital content. The work included photography, community management, budgeting, and control as well as analyzing the results of the marketing campaigns on social media. This job taught me the importance of high work ethics and handling many tasks at the same time while remaining organized and timely.

Luv North, Co-Founder, Head of Marketing (starting from 8/2015)

We founded a design jewelry brand, Luv North, in 2015 to provide sustainable accessories with a story. My responsibilities include PR relations, ambassador program, and all other marketing activities, including social media content, website content, copywriting, and organizing photoshoots and events. While managing different positions in the company, I’ve learned a lot about entrepreneurship and being both patient and persistent.


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